Property Management

Whether you live locally or many miles away, managing a property is hard work and often proves a burden on both your time and wallet. Worse still, things only ever go wrong when you’re not there or when you’re on holiday yourself and not available to resolve the issue. This inevitably leads to last minute calls to expensive service providers.

Our property checking is done on a weekly basis and includes checks both inside and outside of your property. Typical checks include, but are not limited to:

Interior checks:

- Post (mail collection, mail re direction and junk mail disposal>
- Boiler and fuel tank condition (making sure there is enough fuel, adjusting the heating accordingly to the weather conditions)
- Alarm and fire system function (testing the system regularly, making sure it will work properly when needed)
- Damp (airing the property, adjusting heating, we can also arrange dehumidifiers)
- Pests (checking for any activity and traces then dealing with it/calling in pests control)

Exterior checks

- Forced entry
- Vandalism
- Storm Damage
- Water Ingress
- Security Issues

If we find anything wrong, we will either use our own skilled staff to resolve the issue/s where possible or appoint one of our quality approved sub-contractors to take care of anything we can’t do or aren’t allowed to do for legal reasons.

Whatever the case, you will always receive a full written report of any work carried out to ensure that you’re kept up to date and informed about any issues that may arise in the future.

Key Holding

We provide key holding services as part of our full Property Management package and for our domestic regular customers. In addition to holding keys, we can provide Access Management services to allow, for example, scheduled deliveries or warranty servicing and repairs. This also proven, already few times to be a great help when owners arrived but forgot their keys.

Second Home Insurance

You may be aware, but did you know that 2nd Home insurance policies are usually a bit different to normal household insurance policies?

You are usually asked to confirm whether you reside in the property and if not you need to specify how often you use your property.

Failure to accurately disclose the extent to which you live in the property may invalidate the policy and/or lead to the policy being cancelled and/or any claim being refused.

The consequences of this can not only prevent you from recovering under the policy but may affect your ability to get other insurance policies.

If you have correctly disclose your use of the premises, often they will impose conditions, one of them is:
“...if the house is unoccupied for longer than 30 days you must get someone to inspect the property every 7 days.”


We just use common sense, are easy to talk to and communicate. We always try to understand you and your needs. We can do lots more, just ask. ie.
- Grocery shopping upon arrival: We can purchase necessary groceries prior to your arrival allowing you to relax immediately. We can arrange anything from a basic welcome pack to a specialised local food hamper. We will also unpack it and put it all away!
- Laundry: Before or after your visit we can ensure your linen is up to scratch – professionally laundered and ironed. (we either use in house facilities or can arrange with our local laundry)
- Having dinner at nearby restaurants? Let us book it for you and organise transport.